Don’t Fall Prey…Hire A Drug Injury Lawyer

a9The human body is a complex, but fragile system. Oftentimes we require medications to maintain the balance in this complex biological system. Additionally, we rely on medical doctor’s to prescribe the correct medicine, to treat our infirmities. Moreover, we have put entirely too much power and trust in pharmaceutical manufactures to produce drugs that help us stay alive. The trouble is that it is common practice for big drug companies serve the interest of their investors, before they serve the interests of the ailing patient. However, an individual that has been injured as a result of bad drugs, they can find an advocate in the form of a drug injury lawyer.

In recent years there a have been many cases involving death and injury associated with the blood thinner drug Xarelto. Once such case is that of Margaret Garvy a woman from Arizona. Garvy has filed a personal injury lawsuit, concerning a drug liability. She suffered a life threatening illness in which the tissue sac that surrounds the heart fills with blood, preventing the heart from beating properly. This condition is known as hemorrhagic pericardial effusion.

Garvy said she had taken this medication for less than a month. Shortly after starting Xarelto she was diagnosed with this potentially fatal condition. It is important to point out this medicine is in the class of drugs classified as anticoagulants and it significantly thins out the blood. Garvy insists that the bleeding condition that she experienced was a result of Xarelto. Moreover, she claims that Janssen Pharmaceuticals failed to produce a method by which to reverse the effects of the drug. By means of a drug injury lawyer, Garvy also went on to express she believes that Janssen Pharmaceuticals failed to disclose the risks associated with this drug to doctors and pharmacies.

Unfortunately, Xarelto was approved for use as an alternative for Warfarin in 2011. Prior to drugs like Xarelto, Warfarin had been the go-to medicine to treat illnesses that required a blood thinner. This new class of blood thinning drugs was supposed to sufficiently treat chronic atrial fibrillation (a-fib). This fatal heart condition can cause strokes, and Xarelto treated it. However, the result was severe internal bleeding. Aside from internal hemorrhaging, Xarelto can also cause continuous bleeding form external wounds.

If you have had a severe bleeding event after using any prescription drug, first receive the best medical care available and then it is extremely important that you contact a qualified drug injury lawyer as soon as possible. When searching for an attorney to represent you, remember to seek out an advocate that is skilled in this area of law. They must not only be knowledgeable personal injury, but they must also have a proven record fighting for the rights of people that have been victims of poisonous prescription drugs, and the criminal drug companies that make them.

Too often innocent people fall prey to the entities that they trust to help them. Don’t fall prey to the drug and the drug manufacturer. Hire an attorney to help you get the justice you deserve. One of the best in their work and are