Dogs Suspected in California Drowning Case

Authorities are suspicious of a pack of dogs who were found near the body of a man, 74-year-old Robert Simonian, who was discovered drowned in a canal in Central California. They suspect that prior to entering the canal, the man was first attacked by the dogs.

The coroner reports that an autopsy revealed that the elderly man had dog bites on both his arms and his legs. Many believe that Robert Simonian was walking alongside of the canal when the pack of dogs attacked him. They believe it was the force of the attack that forced him into the canal and caused him to drown.

dog-attackAt the moment, police are on the lookout for a group of aggressive dogs. They are particularly interested in another dog attack that took place in the same general area. While they were able to determine that the victim in that case as killed as the result of an aggressive dog attack, they weren’t able to pin the death on the group of dogs they found in the area and were forced to return them to the owner


I can understand why the police might not have been able to link a particular dog or group of dogs to the first dog attack which resulted in death, but I don’t understand why they haven’t worked hard to track down the guilty dogs. The area where both attacks took place needs to be posted and parents with young children need to be diligent about watching for stay or unfamiliar dogs while their kids are outside playing or waiting for the school bus, or even riding their bikes down the side of the street. A dog who doesn’t hesitate about attacking an elder man also won’t hesitate before attacking a young child.

3-7What’s truly alarming about this situation is that most people, especially children, think all dogs are nice and won’t hesitate to run up to any dog they see, which could make an already aggressive dog even more so.

If you have been injured in a dog attack, or someone you love killed in an attack, you need to contact a personal injury lawyer right way and arrange for a consultation where you’re free to discuss the case. While each case is different, in most situations, you’re entitled to get compensation for your medical expenses that are connected to the bite as well as for your pain and suffering.




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