Don’t Fall Prey…Hire A Drug Injury Lawyer

a9The human body is a complex, but fragile system. Oftentimes we require medications to maintain the balance in this complex biological system. Additionally, we rely on medical doctor’s to prescribe the correct medicine, to treat our infirmities. Moreover, we have put entirely too much power and trust in pharmaceutical manufactures to produce drugs that help us stay alive. The trouble is that it is common practice for big drug companies serve the interest of their investors, before they serve the interests of the ailing patient. However, an individual that has been injured as a result of bad drugs, they can find an advocate in the form of a drug injury lawyer.

In recent years there a have been many cases involving death and injury associated with the blood thinner drug Xarelto. Once such case is that of Margaret Garvy a woman from Arizona. Garvy has filed a personal injury lawsuit, concerning a drug liability. She suffered a life threatening illness in which the tissue sac that surrounds the heart fills with blood, preventing the heart from beating properly. This condition is known as hemorrhagic pericardial effusion.

Garvy said she had taken this medication for less than a month. Shortly after starting Xarelto she was diagnosed with this potentially fatal condition. It is important to point out this medicine is in the class of drugs classified as anticoagulants and it significantly thins out the blood. Garvy insists that the bleeding condition that she experienced was a result of Xarelto. Moreover, she claims that Janssen Pharmaceuticals failed to produce a method by which to reverse the effects of the drug. By means of a drug injury lawyer, Garvy also went on to express she believes that Janssen Pharmaceuticals failed to disclose the risks associated with this drug to doctors and pharmacies.

Unfortunately, Xarelto was approved for use as an alternative for Warfarin in 2011. Prior to drugs like Xarelto, Warfarin had been the go-to medicine to treat illnesses that required a blood thinner. This new class of blood thinning drugs was supposed to sufficiently treat chronic atrial fibrillation (a-fib). This fatal heart condition can cause strokes, and Xarelto treated it. However, the result was severe internal bleeding. Aside from internal hemorrhaging, Xarelto can also cause continuous bleeding form external wounds.

If you have had a severe bleeding event after using any prescription drug, first receive the best medical care available and then it is extremely important that you contact a qualified drug injury lawyer as soon as possible. When searching for an attorney to represent you, remember to seek out an advocate that is skilled in this area of law. They must not only be knowledgeable personal injury, but they must also have a proven record fighting for the rights of people that have been victims of poisonous prescription drugs, and the criminal drug companies that make them.

Too often innocent people fall prey to the entities that they trust to help them. Don’t fall prey to the drug and the drug manufacturer. Hire an attorney to help you get the justice you deserve. One of the best in their work and are









Dentistry and Medical Malpractice

malpraticeGenerally, when we think about medical malpractice, we think of that urban legend where a friend of a cousin of a friend went in for a common surgical procedure, but then died two days later because the inattentive or unqualified surgeon left a sponge or some other random instrument inside the patient’s body. Or maybe it was a medical error that resulted in the amputation of the wrong limb or the extraction of the incorrect organ. Whatever the tale, the term medical malpractice generally conjures images of emergency rooms and operating tables, not the dentist’s chair. But that shouldn’t necessarily be the case. Thirteen percent of malpractice claims filed in the U.S. are against dentists, according to the American Board of Legal Medicine.

So what might dental malpractice entail? Thankfully, a reputable New York personal injury attorneys can help you determine if you have a dental malpractice case. Yes, that root canal hurt like crazy, but unfortunately, it doesn’t qualify. Basically, dental malpractice is when a dentist acts in a manner that is different from the dental standard of care. If most other dentists would have treated a patient in a different way, and the manner in which the dentist treated a patient led to pain, unnecessary procedures, or a worsened condition, then that dentist has committed dental malpractice.

For example, let’s say Mary has a tooth that has been bothering her. She makes an appointment with her local DDS and ventures in, thinking she’ll finally be able to eat painlessly. Dr. Doom decides that Mary needs her tooth extracted and that she’ll need an expensive bridge to fill the gap the painful tooth will leave behind. Mary goes along with the procedure—I mean, he’s the dentist, after all, and a few weeks later still finds herself in pain. She gets a recommendation from a friend and visits another dentist, Dr. Standard, a shining example of the American Dental Association. He x-rays her and discovers she’s had an untreated infection that has worsened with time. It could easily have been handled with antibiotics had Dr. Doom bothered to examine Mary properly. Instead, Mary is out a tooth, cash, time, and still needs to undergo surgery to deal with an infection that Dr. Doom failed to treat. Dr. Doom was clearly negligent and it has injured Mary.

There are a few specific areas in which most dental malpractice cases fall. These include:

  • Removing teeth that don’t need to be removed
  • Misdiagnosing, failing to diagnose, or mistreating a condition
  • Taking undue time to treat a condition
  • Causing an infection with improperly sterilized dental equipment
  • Administering anesthesia improperly

Unfortunately, while having any of these happen to you would be traumatic, it doesn’t necessarily mean you have malpractice claim on your hands. A New York personal injury lawyer will help you illustrate how a dentist’s negligence led to specific damages, such as lost wages or excessive pain and suffering. In personal injury cases, the negligence of one person must be determined to have caused damages to another person. This is why it is important to speak with someone knowledgeable about personal injury law and claims.

Thankfully, a good personal injury lawyer in New York can help you determine whether your dental nightmare falls under the umbrella of medical malpractice. Many offer free consultations that will help you share your story and learn whether you should file a claim against a negligent dentist.

What Makes a Death “Wrongful”?

Wrongful Death lawsuit is a type of personal injury claim where the family of the deceased sues a person or company they believe is liable for the death of their loved one. At the center of a wrongful death case is the notion that the deceased would not have died without the negligent actions or willful intent of the defendant. That’s all well and good in theory, but what does this look like in practice?


Let’s say a busy mom is out running errands when all of a sudden a car barrels into her vehicle, killing her on impact. It’s later found the other driver was under the influence (or too busy paying attention to their phone instead of driving). While there are criminal implications in this case, the family can also choose to sue the driver. Because the driver was impaired by alcohol or drugs, he failed to operate his vehicle as a reasonable person would, causing an accident that resulted in a death.


What if we amend the above story a little bit and say that the busy mom would’ve lived if only her airbags had opened appropriately? A defective airbag failed to inflate, causing the busy mom her life. In this case, while the other driver is still at fault for the accident, family members could make a case that the automobile manufacturer is at fault for her death and sue the company for wrongful death.


The main idea behind a wrongful death case is that the deceased person would not have died if it hadn’t been for the actions or negligence of the plaintiff. A New York personal injury lawyer will need to prove the defendant was responsible for the death by a preponderance of evidence—a lower standard than “beyond a reasonable doubt”. The latter is the standard of evidence necessary in a criminal case.


For a wrongful death lawsuit to proceed, not only must there be a death that was caused by the negligence or actions of another person, but the death must also result in monetary difficulty to the surviving family members. Perhaps there are exorbitant medical bills to be paid after life-saving medical measures failed or expensive funeral costs that weren’t covered by insurance. This is the same for all personal injury cases. A New York personal injury lawyer can explain more.


Wrongful Death cases can be emotionally trying, but they can also help offer some closure. This is especially the case when a family feels the criminal justice system has failed them. For example, in the “Trial of the Century”, O.J. Simpson was found not guilty of murdering his wife Nicole Brown Simpson and her friend Ron Goldman. The families of the victims took their cases to civil court, filing wrongful death lawsuits against the former footballer. There, the jury found for the plaintiffs, agreeing that O.J. Simpson had caused the deaths of his wife and her friend. Part of the reason the court findings were different is because the standard of evidence varies in criminal and civil cases, as mentioned above.


If you and your family are dealing with the repercussions of what you believe to be a wrongful death, it is important you contact a New York personal injury law firm as soon as possible. Many reputable firms offer free consultations, allowing you to determine whether you should move forward with your lawsuit. A New York personal injury attorney can help you formulate your next steps as you work towards getting the justice your family deserves.